Sony officially admits that PS4 will be region free!

Sony recently announced that the PS4 will be region free, a news post that will surely bring smiles to all those who plan on getting games from the other side of the Atlantic.


The gaming console will be colored in "jet black" and its code name will be CUH-1000A. There's also gonna be available a DualSHock 4 game pad along with a PlayStation Camera at the same colors (priced at 59€ and 49€ respectively). The console's HDD (500GB) will be detachable and the whole weight of the PS4 will not exceed 2.8 kilos. The gamepad on the other hands will weigh a mere 210 gr.

According to info this time almost 110 games are being prepared for the console, and almost 500 studios and developers are working to develop more game titles for it. The first party studios according to VG247 are 12, with 20 out of their 30 current games being available for the PS4. In case you missed it, the PS4 will cost 399$ (the lite edition) and 499$ for the edition with a wireless gamepad, a mono headset for basic functions and USB/HDMI cables.

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