Fire Red: Perhaps the most breathtaking Sony VAIO you've ever seen

Sony unveiled today two extremely limited red editions of its VAIO Duo 13 and VAIO Pro ultrabooks, that are really breathtaking!


In order to create this beautiful red finish the Japanese company had to take into account a wide spectrum of color combinations using pre painted carbon fiber parts to manufacture them! It's a procedure that looks more like the painting of a car and Sony announced that most of the parts had to be hands polished in order to have the necessary color depth!


The special "Red Editions" of these Sony VAIO's will be available from and the UK Sony Centers during this month. Remember that the Sony VAIO Duo 13 is a hybrid laptop with a sliding screen that can be transformed into a 13 inch Windows 8 tablet, equipped with a digital pen. The Sony VAIO Pro is a new super slim ultrabook by the company that can be charged with a secondary battery.


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