How a small 4 person party can go really wrong in so many ways...

What started as a small party between 4 friends who gathered to bake cupcakes and watch a movie turned out to be huge chaos, with hundreds of people destroying the house, after having learned about the party through the social networks!


This is what happened when one of the guys send a text message to a friend with the address of the party, which then was released (unknown how) to social networks leading to almost 300 unknown people crashing in! According to CBS, Michelle Hirschaut left her 16 year old daughter with 3 of her friends in their home in Aptos Hills, near Santa Cruz California. She couldn't imagine though that this little party would lead to a huge take over from almost 300 unknown people who destroyed the house after looting it of course!


The disasters of the house were uploaded to the Internet, but thankfully the 16 year old managed to escape the wrath of the unknown people barely escaping along with the family dog, just before calling the police!

It's not the first time of course when a party goes public in social networks (e.g. Facebook) leading to chaos but in this case the parents of the 16 year old girl insist that she isn't responsible for what happened.

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