End of watch: cops in action, downtown L.A.

Cops holding cameras? Who would have ever thought? Why not after all? At an age when everybody uses technology for almost everything - even criminals- it was only right that David Ayer (Training Day) would place a small camera on the suits of two police officers Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, showing almost everything: their friendship, their quarrels in the police station, those who hate them their everyday life etc.


End of Watch is something between Cops and a 1st person video game, that sends us downtown L.A. showing us how hard things can be there with all the drugs, gangs etc. It's not a movie with the typical sense. It's more like a series of events, showing how policemen face their everyday life, along with assaults, fires, drugs, trafficking and so on. There's a lot of video tension in the movie and great chemistry between the two stars that almost makes you forget you're watching something that is being recorded by a small camera all the time.

The movie is already available in DVD and Blu-Ray from AudioVisual.

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