A first look at Need For Speed

As you may already know, Need for Speed will soon be released in cinemas as a full blown movie, from Dreamworks Pictures and EA! Recently in this years E3, visitors of the exhibition had the chance to talk for a couple of moments with Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul who's starring in a video with some of the shootings of the film, along with commentary by director (Scott Waugh (Act of Valor).


As far the script of the movie is concerned, Tobey Marshall (Paul) is a cars mechanic who gets released from jail for a crime he didn't commit and seeks vengeance from his ex partner του Dino (Dominic Cooper), who betrayed him. This all leads to a race with time and... real cars to reach redemption. Fast cars and intense scenes are some of the most impressive features of the most awaited movie, that's expected to hit cinemas on 14 March 2014.

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