Is Huawei thinking of acquiring Nokia?

According to a Financial Times post, Richard Yu (Huawei Chairman in Mobile Devices Division) stated that the company would be open in a matter of acquiring Nokia if the Finnish company was interested obviously in something like that but also noted that Windows Phone is still weak as an operating system, and that Huawei will continue to support Android on this matter.

A man using his mobile phone walks under a Nokia logo in Shanghai

Obviously this created a lot of fuss in the markets with Nokia's stock rising to 4.12$ from 3.86, in the New York Stock Exchange. As you can easily deduct from all these, it's not that simple for Huawei to go on and aqcuire Nokia especially in a period of time when the Finnish try to strengthen their place in the world wide market, launching several interesting devices such as the purported Nokia EOS.

According to Reuters people from HUawei refused the so called statements of Richard Yu stating that there is no plan to acquire Nokia at this time. All we can keep for now, is the power of Huawei that enables it thinking of scenarios to aqcuire the once Finnish giant, Nokia.


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