LG to unveil its first flexible displays sooner than Samsung

Well too bad for Samsung. It looks like LG Display plans to start mass production of its flexible OLED displays by the end of the year. This means that LG Display will beat Samsung Display to produce the first flexible OLED display commercially despite Samsung showing the technology a number of times in the previous years, including a recent showing at CES 2013YOUM panels are bendable but it’s likely that the first product to use those displays will actually be rigid. A plastic based AMOLED will also be shatterproof, and also lighter and thinner compared to glass based OLEDs.


This could mean bad news for Samsung Display and its shareholders, since If LG Display beats Samsung Display with the first flexible display, it could prove a huge loss for Samsung as they're considered one of the pioneers in the display technology. Samsung is rumored to bring their first flexible OLED display by the end of this year but are apparently facing some problems.


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