Spot the difference between Google and Bing in an image

You may use Google as your main Search engine, or Bing, whichever suits your needs best. You may think that one is better or worse than the other but in any case, whatever you do, you have to laugh when you look at the image below!

This image shows the results to the question "the xbox one is" and was uploaded recently from a twitter user (@evlbzltyr) who made the search himself! The difference is more than obvious. According to Microsoft of course the results from Bing autosuggest are pure and no one interferes in them, since the suggestions are made on the spot from previous searches of users based on certain algorithms. The same goes for Google obviously. But why is Bing so... biased in favor of XBOX One?

One might reply that Ning is Microsoft's search engine, so it's used by people who love Microsoft's products so they are biased in favor of it and XBOX One. In any case, what's more hilarious is what happens if you skip the word
the" from the search term "the xbox one is". Try it out and just watch what happens!

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