Microsoft pays 100.000$ to however hacks into Windows 8.1

Microsoft is ready to release the Preview version of its Windows 8.1 OS next week on the 26th of June and if you're hackers with... abilities, then you may be in luck and win up to 100.000 dollars, if you manage to hack your way into the new Preview edition of the OS.


But there's more. You can add a 50.000$ bonus to the above amount of money, if you offer solutions to face the vulnerability you may have spotted! For a whole month (26/6 - 26/7) you can attack Windows 8.1 Preview either way you like and report the results of your attacks to Microsoft for a chance at the grand prize!

For the same period of time you can attack the Preview edition of Internet Explorer 11 as well, fro any critical vulnerabilities it may have and add 11.000$ more to your bank account! Whichever your motive may be you have the chance to play with the codes of Microsoft's software and win money if you're as good as you think. May the best hacker win!

You can find more info here.

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