An Iron Man to assist HTC

Well that's good news for HTC! Our beloved Iron Man Robert Downey Jr, just close a two year contract with HTC for 12$ million, so that the well know actor can prepare several TV spots and outdoor appearances promoting HTC's products!


The Taiwanese company decided to leave aside the...  "Quietly Brilliant" motto and create campaigns to win the interest of its buyers. Having a product like the HTC One in their hands, the members of the board of the Taiwanese company plan to cash out its huge acceptance (which may be bigger than the one Samsung Galaxy S4 has these days) into increased sales numbers. For the time being HTC has sold almost 5 million HTC One devices over 10 million Galaxy S4 devices sold by Samsung in 3 months time. It's more than certain that the whole "Iron Man" campaign will surely strengthen the sales of the company and this is something that we will wait to see in the months to come.

It's not the first time HTC tries to pull something like that with a well know actor, since the company had made an HTC One commercial with James Van Der Beek (Dawson Creek). Obviously Robert Downey Jr. is a completely different type of name this time.


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