Google Mine: Google's next move?

According to rumors, Google is planning to release a new service called Google Mine, which will enable users to add their physical possessions into inventories and share them with friends and family. The service will work in conjunction with Google+ but as a standalone Android app.


The whole idea behind Google Mine is letting users showing their interests as far as it concerns a group of items they possess  or want to own (gadgets, clothes, cars, bikes or whatever they want) and then share them with friends. The users of Google Mine will then be able to add also stuff they have lent to friends or create their own wish lists, with things they'd like to own sometime in the future.

They will probably be able to rate each item, so that their friends will know what they think of it. Obviously each user will be able to set access rights to what his friends can see and protect his possessions from prying eyes. This service will probably enable Google have access in the future to the personal likes and dislikes of users so that they will be able to advertise better.


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