Get ready for Motorola's Moto X on the 1st of August

Well here's a leak different than others. Google's rumored campaign regarding the unveiling of its Moto X smartphone has leaked and according to the images it pinpoints at the 1st of August as a launch date.


The campaign focuses not on the device itself, rather than "say goodbye to the Motorola you knew", and Google's efforts to persuade us that Motorola has nothing to do with the old company and something really new, fresh will come out this time. According to rumors the new Moto X will be a dual core device @ 1.7GHz with a 720p display, 2GB RAM and a 10MPixel camera, so it's not gonna be something really groundbreaking in terms of hardware, instead Google will focus on design and features.



We'll just have to wait until the 1st of August then.


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