Offline Glass: the best way to live without your phone for a while

Well that's something we have all experienced. A group of friends gathering for a beer and all of them are staring at their smartphones, liking each other in Facebook, using Foursquare for check ins or uploading photos to Instagram. The solution to the problem of our continuous use of smartphones instead of talking to each other comes from a person who thought of something really funny and useful!


Meet Offline Glass, a creation by Mauricio Perussi, Melissa Potker and Fischer&Friends that's being currently used at a Sao Paolo bar, in Brazil. But what's the Offline Glass after all? It's a glass of beer that can be placed vertically on the table only if you use your smartphone to support it. It has a small part that stands out on one side, so you have to place something on the other side, in order for it to balance! And yes, your smartphone might come handy at this time!

The Offline Glass proved to be a huge success, with a lot of people stealing the glasses from the bar in order to use them in their homes! Just watch the video that follows and you'll understand!

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