Now you can buy Internet, yourself!

Hey guys, see this box?


It looks like the Australian Mike Jenkins (from KineticGifts) must be a frenetic follower of the British TV series The IT Crowd, since he designed and built a replica of... the "Internet".


For those of you who don't know ehat I'm talking about, the "Internet" first appeared in Season 03, when Roy and Maurice presented the device to Jen in order to impress the company shareholders. They had persuaded poor Jen tha this black box was the... "Internet" indeed with an ON/OFF switch and it's located in Big Ben since it has to be somewhere high, to have... good reception!

You can buy the "Internet" replica from  εδώ. Nut first, watch the 3rd season episode of The ITCrowd and locate - what else?- the "Internet".

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