Apple copyrights the word "iWatch" in Japan

According to Bloomberg Apple filed request to copyright the word iWatch as a trademark in Japan, something that makes us think once again that the unveiling of such a device cannot be that far away. The request was filed on the 3rd of June but it was only known last week.


Rumors insist that Apple plans to release a smartwatch the following months, entering a market where a lot of manufacturers like Samsung, Google and Microsoft have already made their intentions known. One more manufacturer (Sony) just unveiled its SmartWatch 2 a couple of days ago, with its release in the market to be placed somewhere around September.

In any case the fact that Apple copyrights the trademark iWatch, doesn't mean that the company will surely unveil such a gadget in the following weeks. It's not uncommon for companies to register trademarks and never infact release relevant products.


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