3D printing technology helps a duck walk

The duck you see is called "Buttercup" and had the misfortune to be born with its left leg facing the opposite side, with the result that so far it can not walk normally. All this until Sunday, of course, since due to the help of 3D printing technology, it made it!


Thanks to three dimensional printing, the duck got a brand new foot from silicone, which is very similar to the normal. The people in the refuge of aquatic birds in Tennessee cooperated with the 3D printing company NovaCopy, to print out a copy of the left leg of Buttercup's sister!

The foot of silicone was adjusted with the help of a special "stocking" using a nylon retaining bolt, allowing Buttercup to walk normally.

You can see two videos from the process and the new life of the adorable duck ...


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