myXperia: locate your Xperia when lost

How would you feel if you had lost your precious Xperia Z? What would you think? Well I recently lost a smartphone and I can tell you it wasn't at all funny. That's why Sony's announcement of the new myXperia service looks quite promising to me.


According to the official press release, the service is made for the Sony Xperia Z smartphone at first, but soon it will also be available for more devices, such as the Xperia Tablet Z and Xperia Z Ultra. You only have to register an account and then you will be able to make your device sound an alarm even if it is stolen and if it's on, you can locate it in the map! You can also lock the device or remote wipe it, to protect your personal files from prying eyes.

Obviously for the myXperia service to work your device must be on and connected to the network. You can also send a message to appear in the lockscreen saying perhaps: "watch out punk, I will find you". It's surely a valuable service for all of us who want to feel safe even if they loose their smartphone.

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