Vine: here's its biggest update

After the video uploading feature in Instagram the competition between Vine and Instagram has increased significantly. Up to today the Vine remained as is but its group of developers was preparing a large and most important update, which has been announced as the biggest ever released for the app.


With this update people have new tools for the camera, such as ghost tools, new grid and focus features. This update also brings 15 new channels out of which you can explore for more information depending on the channel category: for example you can search for cats and dogs, hilarious vines, family vines etc. There's also another feature called On the Rise, that will give you new users that have drawn the attention of viners. There's also a new feature called Revining that will enable users share other people's vines to their followers. Think of it as a... retweet!

The most important update perhaps of all is the ability to create protected vines for only those you wish them to watch. It's called Protected Posts and allows each user to share specific vines that will be visible to only their followers. All the above mentioned features are available through version 1.3 of Vine for iOS and next week we expect an update for Android OS as well.

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