That's how the Internet looked like back in 1977

Once upon a time, the Internet was so small it could fit in a map. The year is 1977 and in the diagram below you can see all the networked computers of the ARPANET program, sponsored by the US government.


In this map you can see all the available computers, their locations (Universities mainly like Stanford, UCLA, MIT, Lincoln etc.) and government organizations. ONLY these. The rest of the world were still using pencil and paper to communicate! And if you think this map is small, just bare in mind that the 1969 map had only 4 computers!

Since then a lot of things have changed. Computers evolved, networks grew and today the Internet had billions of computers, servers, switches etc. So if someone asks you if the ARPANET program was successful, the answer is Yes. How succesful and what it has offered to humankind that's another story, that we're not ready to give an answer for. In any case the Internet is the largest technological discovery after the wheel. Don't you agree?


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