Nikon getting ready to compete in the camera phone market?

No one denies that the market of point-and-shoot cameras isn't doing so well the past few months, since most people use high end camera phones to satisfy their imaging needs. After all certain researches have shown that there's a 25% drop in point-and-shoot camera sales for the period April-May when compared to last years figures. From the looks of it, Nikon - a firm with its own history in the point-and-shoot camera market plans to do something about it, to meet with the increasing competition.


Makoto Kimura (Nikon CEO) referred to this matter during an interview he gave to the Bloomberg mentioning that it's in Nikon's plans to find a solution to this problem, with a product that will not be a camera, clarifying that the company isn't planning a smartphone, rather than a new product that will change the point-and-shoot camera concept. Mr. Kimura didn't share any more details on the matter, just that this product will be available during the next five years.

It's worth mentioning that Nikon is the first manufacturer to release a digital camera based on Android OS (Coolpix S800c), a product however that didn't receive the attention from the public Nikon hoped for.

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