Top ten viral videos about cars

Yes the title talks about a list, which is sort of relevant. Everybody can create his own choice od videos he thinks to be awesome and viral. Some can judge by the number of hits, the number of crashes or the number of sexy women shown in them. In any case here's the 10 most viral videos about cars according to Jalopnik !


10. Faszination on the Nurburgring
All the comments talk about the driver's balls, and they're right!

9. Rednecks and jumps
That's how southerns spend their time

8. Volvo test crash fail 
When a brakes crash test couldn't go wrong

7. Pedal to the metal while sitting in the dentist's chair
Not so bad for a guy under anaesthesia

6. These Russians are sooo crazy  
It could easily be our No 1. Easily...

5. Honda's awesome ad

How can you NOT buy it?

4. Old vs. new Chevrolet crash test
Impressive no matter which camera you use to watch

3. Jeremy Clarkson's Atom test 
When Top Gear went berzerk

2. When exhausts whistled
How you can wake up a whole neighbourhood.

1. Ken Block in San Fransisco
48 million views for Block's unique ride in San Francisco. Just watch...

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