Benedict Cumberbatch to play the role of Julian Assange in "The Fifth Estate"

Julian Assange has yet to find political asylum in the embassy of Ecuador in London but he had time to report to George Stephanopoulos and ABC that the whole process of making public top secret documents will continue and didn't forget to praise Edward Snowden for his choices. At the same time Benedict Cumberbatch was trying to see how he looks blond and with long hair (like the founder of Wikileaks) in the film that will be made for him, called "The Fifth Estate".


It's one of the most anticipated movies of the year with Oscar winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) directing it, and Daniel Bruhl, Stanley Tucci, Laura Linney and Anthony Mackie at the leading roles. The script of the movie focuses on Assange and the leaking of top secret US embassy documents. The film - that Assange has rejected describing it as a massive propaganda- will hit European cinemas by December 2013.

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