Babies prefer iOS 6.0 instead of iOS 7.0?

Consider now, that you have just arrived after the great adventure of the first hours and days in the hospital where you were born and the nice feeling of your first contact with your parents at home and in your cot. There, together with the rattles, the shag, the bottles, the bibs and ... Pampers, is waiting for you an iPhone running iOS 6, which for a long time you will have in your hands instead of....pacifier!


The days and months have passed, and then came the first year and maybe the second and your trusted pacifier, was always there, colorful, the same as before, always ready to accommodate your needs. What happens when someone takes it from you and replaces it with a pacifier that runs iOS 7?

Just watch the video and you will understand ... Perhaps Sir Jony Ive should rethink some things?

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