The new Tarzan animated movie will come from... Germany?

14 years have passed since the last film of Tarzan (1999 by Disney) and it's almost incredible that no company had tried so far to restore the history of the primitive John Greystoke on the big screen. This however didn't stop the German company Constantin Film (Downfall) to make it real by creating the first 3D animation movie starring Tarzan.


As far as the scenario is concerned, there will not be many differences from the original history, with John (Kellan Lutz) and Jane (Spencer Locke), facing an army of mercenaries led by William Clayton, who took over the company of his parents after their death in an accident, in order to destroy the entire world. The trailer shows the amazing work that has been done in animation and also how the tape is designed in 3D.  The film will be released in Germany on the 10th of October, but they have not yet announced the official released dates to other countries.

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