What if world's greatest scientist had their own logos?

How would it look like if some of the greatest scientists in history, had to "sell" themselves with the same way that their modern colleagues do it? If Pythagoras for example, should found a "company of mathematics" and post his studies on the Web? I bet they would certainly have hired a graphics designer to make the logo. And all these logos, would look like this:


The idea belongs to the Indian designer Prateek Lala who lives in Toronto, Canada and dreamed about the logos. In the image you see there are logos for almost everyone: Dimokritos, Archimedes, Leibniz, Schrodinger, Curie, Einstein... yes, everyone.

But, really what's our favorite? Perhaps Schrodinger's with the cat's eyes, or the telephone of Bell, and the question marks of Heisenberg. Or the angles of Euclid's E? And Ohm.Oh I really find it difficult to choose the best. What about you? What would you choose?

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