HTC One's chinese clone looks exactly like the real thing!

Engadget got a hold on an HTC One clone, that looks exactly like the real thing in a degree you won't believe it!


In the image above you get to see the two devices: the real one on the right and the fake on the left. As you can see for yourselves their differences are almost non existent. According to the Engadget, the fake HTC One had only a few differences from the real one on the outside, but once you touch it with your hands you understand more. It's made out of plastic and its display has a 720p resolution (not 1080p). It also has its speakers at the same placement with the real one, but with... no speakers behind them!


The fake HTC One doesn't support NFC, nor has an IR beam and runs on a vanilla 4.2.1 Jelly Bean version of Android, with some sync problems with Google. It also packs a quad core MediaTek SoC @ 1.2GHz and cannot compete with HTC One's Snapdragon 600 SoC. The fake HTC One costs almost 210$ but it doesn't worth its money - at least according to the people of Engadget. In any case it's astonishing how close the Chinese replicated the original device!


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