All the latest rumors regarding Microsoft's smartwatch

New information seems to be coming to the public about the upcoming smartwatch of Microsoft. The US company seems to be preparing its proposal for the new, emerging market of "smart" watches, by transferring the project's development to the team of the Surface products, from the group of Xbox that we read in previous reports. This is noted by sources of  "The Verge" which are familiar with what happens inside the US company.


In addition, more information has leaked regarding the device, with Among Tech mentioning that Microsoft has used a lot of wristbands in blue, yellow, red, black, white and grey color, along with certain wristbands made out of an expensive "translucent" material, three times more durable than glass.

The devices that were tested also incorporate a Surface connector, while offering 6GB of storage (with cloud support), as well as LTE compatibility, featuring a customized version of Windows 8. Finally, Microsoft has reportedly asked the manufacturers for 1.5 inch screens for the "smart" clock, which shows its dimension.

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