Paypal made someone a... multimillionaire!

How would you think feels to be a multimillionaire? We don't know top be honest, but I bet that Chris Reynolds from Pensylvania has an idea, since he opened his mailbox a couple of weeks ago to see that he had $92.233.720.368.547.800  in his Paypal account!


Obviously this was a Paypal error, but in any case we're talking about an incredible amount of money: 1300 times more than world's GDP and lots of trillions of dollars more than the fortune of the world's richest man, Carlos Slim. Unfortunately this Paypal mistake didn't make Chris Reynolds any richer than before but just for a few minutes made him think what he could do with this amount of money. He replied that he would pay his debts, his country's national debt and buy the Phillies!

What would you do?

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