Nick Cave had written the script for the sequel to Gladiator

We were surprised when we found out that the sequel of the great movie by Ridley Scott "The Gladiator", which made Russell Crowe a very promising movie star, was about to came out in theaters. The fact that the main hero, Maximus, had died, is only a tiny detail ... which would be solved by the rock musician and very popular, Nick Cave who wrote the screenplay!


Cave had wrote a single scenario in his life until then and he was surprised when he spoke to Russell who proposed him to write the sequel of the Gladiator's history. When Cave mentioned that the hero had died, the response of Crowe was "You will sort it out". Cave wrote the screenplay, but it was rather too ... extreme for the producers and Crowe, so they rejected it. In accordance with the scenario of Cave for the sequel, the gods who are in the skies, die slowly because Jesus Christ came to Earth who is becoming more and more popular in the world. So they will send the Gladiator to the Earth to kill Jesus and his followers, something which justifies the title of the second part "Christ Killer" chosen by Cave. In the final stage of the battle, Cave included all the wars of history, reaching up to...Vietnam. Logically, the producers were stunned when they read the scenario. Something you can do too here...

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