Frankenstein's Army: The horror in the World War II

The film "Frankenstein's Army" of the Dutch director Richard Raaphorst will make certainly the fans of horror movies to make fun when it will come out in America on July 26 in a few theaters and follow leter the... VOD path. And judging by its trailer it will surely gonna make us go crazy.


There are totally "graphic" references in Hellraiser, but also a different style to the scenes of the trailer, which shows that the indie production is not always associated with sketchy graphics and simple convenience. The story brings us to 1945 during the World War II, where one group  of Russian soldiers is located on the enemy's territory, while they take part in a documentary shot celebrating the victory against the army of Hitler. But they will discover a secret laboratory, where the mad scientist Victor (Karel Roden of Hellboy), makes several experiments to transform German soldiers into robot killers, allowing the Russians to film his work. The whole concept seems interesting and we are waiting for the movie with mixed feelings so far. The scenario is written by Miguel Tejada-Flores (screamers, Revenge of the nerds, Beyond Re-Animator etc).

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