Stephen Hawking opens with his own video Big Bang Theory's Comic-Con panel!

Well guess what. Stephen Hawking made a guest appearance in this year's Comic-Con and made a pass from Big Bang Theory's panel in San Diego starting the event with a pre-recorded message from his office. Sheldon Cooper's hero apologised for not being able to be there but said he had a flat tire (that was a joke!, ha ha!).


He later added that when he doesn't play Words With Friends with Sheldon he thinks about the universe. And then he tried to explain the Big Bang theory with... 17 words, singing the theme song of the successful TV series. Both the audience and members from the panel where ecstatic when they saw the video! Later Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) appeared in the set to accept questions from the audience but when a camouflaged bounty hunter from the Return of the Jedi... Rauch asked if he could reveal himself... and they all burst into laughs when Johnny Galecki appeared!

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