XBOX One records the last 5 minutes of every game you play

Yes guys it's the same feature PS4 has, it's just that Microsoft chose to record only the last 5 minutes of each game, instead of 15 minutes the PS4 does. This feature is called Project Upload and according to an interview by Ken Lob (Microsoft Studios) in this year's Comic Con, gives us a lot of possibilities.


Lob gave two examples: Imagine you play online and do something awesome, but you cannot stop playing to record what you just did. In this case you can speak to Kinect by saying "Xbox, record that" and it will automatically record the last 30 seconds of your game! The second example is having recorded your best fight for the last 5 minutes and then using the Kinect camera you can add commentary and edit scenes! We also know that all Xbox Live Gold will be able to broadcast live on TwitchTV!

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