The stuntmen of Kick-Ass 2 saved a woman at Comic Con

There are many impossible things that could happen in a large event such as Comic-Con , but what happened last Thursday is out of bounds of the happening and perhaps something that can change your life. Fortunately, this girl was close to the stuntmen of Kick-Ass 2 and this, saved her life!



Amos Carver, Greg Sargeant and Scot Schecter who happened to be at Comic Con for the party of Kick-Ass 2, realized that one woman, under the influence of substances, came out on the balcony of the 14th-floor of a nearby building. Although some believed that there was nothing more than a "show" in the festival, they quickly realized that the situation was serious. The firemen and the policemen delayed to arrive there, so the three men moved quickly and arrived in the room of the woman. When they got inside they saw her hanging from the balcony with one hand and pressing with only one foot on the balcony. Moving silently, Sargeant grabbed her quickly from behind, with the other two men passed to her immediately a safety device which secured her more. All ended well... (Source: Cinemablend)

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