50 Cent could be a Facebook Sales Manager?

He could be. Even as a thought, which happened back in 2005, when Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, Head of Business Development and Sales Manager, quit his job. It was when Kevin Colleran took his place, whom Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had to visit to New York to meet him in person. The only thing that he knew about his appearance was the photo below.

Does he remind you of someone? When Mark saw the picture thought that the prospective employee of Facebook would be a "hard black man", as he described him, and not the white Irishman at the left of the photo. In the meeting that took place in New York, Mark looked sad to Kevin Colleran and the reason was that both him and Sean Parker, the first CEO of Facebook, believed that an American man with African origin would join the group.


Yes, as you may have understood until now, the photo on the right shows the well-known rapper 50 Cent. But Zuckerberg and Parker did not know him then. When Facebook grew up , Parker said to 50 Cent the incident, whose reaction was as follows: "Damn it, I should have accepted the job".

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