Creed: The new spin-off film of Rocky Balboa

For over a year, Sylvester Stallone has announced that has plans to make a fifth film with the veteran of Vietnam John Rambo, but it seems that finally he has plans for a film with another hero as well.


In accordance with MGM, the new production will have the title "Creed" and the hero will not be Rocky, but the nephew of Apollo Creed (Carl Weather), former rival and then friend of Rocky. Michael B. Jordan is starring in the role of the nephew, who will have the opportunity to cooperate again with the director Ryan Coogler, after the amazing film "Fruitvale Station".  As far as the scenario is concerned, it is the story of the nephew, who despite the refusal of his family, wants to learn kick boxing and write his own history, after the success of his grandfather. So, he will ask the help of Rocky (Stallone), to advise him appropriately and make a good solid start. It's also worth mentioning, that director Coogler considers this project as a "dream" of his and it was his great passion that persuaded Stallone to support his production. So, what do you think? Will we see Rocky in the arena?

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