ΗBO urges R.R. Martin to finish the GoT books

As we all know the famous series of Game of thrones, is based on the books of George R. R Martin, titled as "A Song of Fire and Ice".  So far Martin has released five out of the seven books of the series, with the last having been released in 2011 and the fact that it takes him approximately 5 years to complete each book, worries the creators of the series. The third season of the television series mentioned the events of the first half of the third book, while the fourth season will reach up to the fourth book and the concern of the authors is if the series will caught up with the whole events of the books.


According to previous information, the producers had planned to complete the series in seven seasons, something which was rejected by the HBO channel. Specifically the HBO's people said, that the series will be maintained as long as there are still available stories and revealed that they constantly urge Martin, to keep writing, staying busy with his job. We don't know how much is really the pressure on Martin, but what worries many people is if all this pressure on him could affect his writing style, something that would be a complete disaster for the continuity of the story. Below you can watch the video, in which Martin is talking about this matter, but also for the fourth season of the series.

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