Will we ever see a "Fringe" movie some day?

J. H. Wyman, the man who with J. J. Abrams, who gave to us the unique tv series "Fringe", recently gave an interview about his new project, "Almost Human" but the conversation came to the much-loved and with millions fans, "Fringe". And what he said, gave hope that the story will be continued.


Some time ago Wyman said that "Walter is happy only when his mind accepts challenges", and for the fact that the series ended with the character of Walter Bishop to be in the future, the cases were already on fire about the possibility he could return. He added that "Perhaps it will be a movie and I will explain some of the things I would like to explain, although he would like the world to have its own point of view. I want it to be something special for everyone and to leave them to make their own assumptions. However I have to say a lot about the story and I still love these characters".  Comparing "Almost Human" with "Fringe" he said: "Fringe was so cool. Until you understand that it was all about the parallel universe, you were wondering "what is this? ".  In Almost Human you will learn more about the characters".

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