Can I get to the end of a rainbow?

On this issue we will try to remember some things from our childhood... We don't know if when you were a child you tried to find the end of a rainbow, where - according to the "legend", lies a ... treasure. If you engaged in this process however, you would realize that it is ... impossible to do something like this. The ride may have been nice, however the end of a rainbow and the treasure, were never found. It seems that there is an end in the photos below, but this is in fact an illusion...


A spectacular double rainbow. The most frequently mentioned colors in a rainbow and the order in which they appear are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and violet.

What happens precisely with a rainbow and how is created? Why we cannot reach it or find its end? Let us begin with the theoretical part. A rainbow is an optical and a meteorological phenomenon, which is caused by the reflection of the light in water drops which are in earth's atmosphere, having as a result a range of colors to be displayed in the sky. Think of the drops as small prisms, through which the rays of light refract.

A rainbow, therefore, is not at a certain distance from us which we can measure or ... get closer, but what is visible each time by each one of us, is the range of light resulting from the refraction, if we look ατ it from a specific angle in relation to the sun's rays. A rainbow is visible only when we have the sun behind us, while, looking at the reflected light, the angle between the rays of the sun and the imaginary line which are formed by the drops of the rain on our part are about 40 degrees. Its shape is looking like this because of the different corners of each ray that is reflected, but also of the shape of the drops.

Watch below more amazing photos from the "end" of a rainbow. You may not be able to get near it, but you can always enjoy it from far away or ... from a photo.









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