Facebook might sell promotional videos in the news feed very soon

According to Bloomberg, Facebook has in its plans to include some promotional videos (like the television advertisements) in the flow of news feed soon! The spots will be sold for up to 2.5 million dollars per day, depending on the target group, which will be limited based on age or sex. Each video will not be able, however, to appear more than 3 times a day, in each user's news feed.


The spots, which will have duration about 15 seconds, will be sold to advertising companies, in an attempt of Facebook to make money from a market which prefers up to now the "traditional" television networks. It is not clear yet when this new form of advertising will be ready, however we heard that Mark Zuckerberg delayed the starting date, by expressing fears for the reactions from the users. It appears, however, that we should start getting used to the idea of the video commercials in our news feed, despite the fact that we do not like them...

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