Germans created Darth Vader's combat starship!

The fans of Star Wars have already invaded the German town of Essen where last weekend, July 26-28, the Star Wars Celebration took place, the largest event of its kind in Europe. There were so many expeditions, interactive shows, movies, guests, sessions for autographs etc. However the combat plane of Darth Vader was perhaps the most impressive feature of the show!


The German design team, Project X1 Props, made in scale 1:2 the space aircraft, TIE of Darth Vader, the plane which wrote history in Star Wars Trilogy. The project, which had a budget of approximately $20,000, was completed after 1,000 hours of work, and its officially unveiling took place a couple of days ago at the Star Wars Celebration. Perhaps it's the Germans hiding behind the Dark Side of the Force?

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