The amazing details on the costumes of the Game of Thrones

It's a fact that while you are looking at heads being chopped, dragons belching out flames and women throwing their clothes to have lustrous sex, it is very likely that you do not pay attention to the details on the costumes of the Game of thrones. But they do exists and are truly unique.


The costume maker Michele Carragher is responsible for these fabulous patterns that are sewn on them, especially on women's clothes, with the photos below to demonstrate their detailed, hard work.

GoT-Dresses-17 GoT-Dresses-13 GoT-Dresses-11 GoT-Dresses-10 GoT-Dresses-9 GoT-Dresses-7 GoT-Dresses-6 GoT-Dresses-4 GoT-Dresses-3 GoT-Dresses-2 GoT-Dresses-1

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