Breaking News: Find your lost/stolen Android ... from Google

With a post on the official blog of Android, Google announced that very soon, will give to all those who have smartphones with Android version 2.2 and above, a tool which will enable them to find it, if they lost it or it has been reported stolen.


More specifically, the application will be called Android Device Manager and will allow most users to identify the device in real time on Google maps, to activate the ringing, even to delete data from the device. In accordance with this first publication, the only thing you need to have is your Google account active.

We haven't more details yet for this application, however, we assume that very soon we will know, as Google talks about releasing it in late August. Meanwhile, the company has uploaded a very interesting post for simple practices you can make to help protect your smartphone from various risks, this summer. Until you see the Android Device Manager application in Google Play, you can learn more here.

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