Flash will appear in the Arrow series

We just heard the awesome news from the producers of the television series "Arrow", Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, that in the next season we will see our favorite hero Flash. But that information does not end here, as well as apart from his appearance in the Arrow, he will create his own spin-off series, which will show his adventures.


The producers also revealed that Barry Allen or otherwise Flash will initially appear in episodes 8 and 9, as a normal man who works in the police department of the city as a scientist, but also in episode 20, which will work as a "pilot" episode for his series. The producers also want to display the character as realistic as possible, as far as the accident that gave him supernatural powers, but also his reaction on this. It is clear that the world of DC spreads quickly enough and the upcoming team-up of the two heroes seems quite interesting. As for Flash, the plans for the next movie of 2016, have not changed and perhaps the series will operate as a small introduction for the hero.

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