The 45 most famous weapons in cinema

Pop culture without weapons? There is no way... Especially the cinema has built up an impressive armory, with weapons for every taste. From the classic shotgun of John Wayne and the Magnum handgun of Dirty Harry, to the phaser gun of Star Trek and the RPG-7 of Rambo, they all wrote their own history on camera. At the site of Federico Mauro, we found compiled 45 of the most classic weapons which appeared in cinema. And not only...


For example, next to the sci-fi classics you can see the "fatal" weapon of Lee Harvey Oswald or even the water gun of Joan Jett!

2-han-solo 3-star-trek 4-jack-sparrow 5-buffalo-bill 6-john-wayne 7-bonnie-clyde 8-Morbius Anton Ash Blain Bond Bronson Cherry-Darling clint-eastwood Cobra dillinger dirty-harry District-9 El-Mariachi Ghostbusters green-hornet Hellboy He-man I-Robot Joan-Jett John-McClane Judge-Dredd Leon Looper Lupin MIB Oswald Pulp-Fiction rambo Rick-Deckard Rick-Grimes Ripley Robocop Scaramanga T-800 Ted-Pikul tony-montana

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