Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer gave an interview about the poor performance of the Lone Ranger

The starring actors of the production of Disney, which did really bad at the box office, gave an interview for the first time after watching the movie and threw the responsibility on bad reviews. In particular, Depp said, that the reviews began to arise when people heard that he wouldn't work again with Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski and that the expectations of the media was from the beginning very high, as well as it was expected to be a blockbuster, something which was not what the creators wanted.


In addition, Hammer said that the media began to write negative reviews from the time that it was decided to stop the production,  just like they did with "World War Z", but without success. Also the producer Bruckheimer followed with the same view, saying that most people did not review the movie, but the budget that they used, which does not concern the public because they look for quality. Finally,he believes that in the future the world will recognize the true value of the film. The film has so far gained about 175 million dollars worldwide, over its 375 dollars of total cost.

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