What does HTC finally mean?

What does HTC mean after all? In HTC's new ad campaign, Robert Downey Jr. tries to explain it, with the notorious crazy look we all love to hate!


So in the following commercial you get to see several people trying to find out what does HTC initials really mean, like humongous titfloil catamaran, Hot Cup of Tea, Happy Telephone Company or... whatever! According to HTC's new moto it may mean whatever we want. Even HTC's main campaign moto: Here's to Change!

The Taiwanese change their approach on the mobile market and we don't know whether Robert Downey Jr. will help them get all the revenue they are dying to, but he will surely create a huge hype for the company, at a time it surely needs it, since the whole budget for this promo reaches up to 1 billion $!

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