That's why your brain is more powerful than a computer with 83.000 cores

It is fabulous. As you know, our minds are capable of doing such complex mathematical operations better than any supercomputer. However it's time for science to confirm this.


German and Japanese scientists used the Fujitsu K, a supercomputer with 83,000 cores in its processors which in 2011 was first in the list of the fastest computers in the world. With this, they succeeded in representing the 1% of our brain function in a second. And imagine that for the playback of  the 1% for a second, about all the processes that our brain performs, the Fujitsu K needed 40 whole minutes.

But why is it so difficult for the supercomputers to "reach" the human brain? It's all about size. Imagine that your brain is made from 200 billion neurons linked together with trillion of connections which are called synapses. Each one of the synapses contains more than 1000 "switches" which directs each excitation. So, how can we compare a human brain with a supercomputer with just 83.000 cores?

Will ever a supercomputer reach the point where it could simulate the operation of the human brain? Yes sometime in the future it will. But we suspect that it would do it only to study the depth of its greatness. So, let us remember this, every time we feel that we are in dependence with any tool in order to survive.

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