The savoir vivre of using phones around the world!

Here in Greece we have some specific formal rules when we talk on the phone. For example it is considered rudeness to yell on the phone in public places or talk on the phone when you are at the cinema or the theater. Have you ever consider if there are familiar rules in other countries in the world? And if not, then what you need to be careful if you visit some of them?


The following infographic shows the DOs and DON'Ts for 11 major countries in the world, 11 cultures quite different (or not so) from our own, which are certainly interesting. Except with America that has the same rules with Greece, in Russia the recipient of the call does not respond with "hello", but with absolute silence, or at least with a "who is it? ".  On the other hand, in Egypt it is not unusual for someone to give his phone number to non-intimate people who just met them in a public place, something that we wouldn't do almost in any case.

The Brazilians have some even more ... strange habits as they ask "who is it? ", even if they have made the call, while the French, being more "noble" people, talk on the phone less loud than others. The social and political circumstances of each country affect of course the way that people make their calls, so the billions of Chinese can leave everything in the middle in order to talk to their mobile, although they do not rush to answer it when it rings insistently.


But it is equally different when we talk about crowded India, as it is considered normal to get a call even after 10 o'clock  in the evening. In addition, although the SMS is more expensive than the normal call, the Indians don't hesitate to use them. Contradictions can be distinguished by the usually law-abiding Japanese, as they talk a lot when they drive a vehicle or a bike, despite the fact that it is forbidden. However, they keep the informal rule of not to use the phone in public places and around strangers.


If you visit Great Britain, you will not have particular problems to adapt their phone habits. A simple "hello" is sufficient when you are replying to a call, as a "bye" is to the end of it. But remember only one thing: do not eat when you are on the phone, you will give the worst possible impression to your partner. Our neighbors and friends, the Italians, have similar habits with our own, so don't worry about anything. I wish it was the same with the Thailand people, who talk on the phone even in the most inappropriate hours and circumstances, and if you don't pick it up, it will ring constantly for several minutes! We are talking about huge perseverance and patience ...



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