The CIA reveals: The Area 51 did not have... aliens!

One of the most secret places of USA gets finally revealed officially as the CIA displays for the first time to the public, information about the famous Area 51, an area northwest of Las Vegas in Nevada.


Documents which were declassified and released to the public, recognize the place and the map of Area 51, noting however that it was used for a ... different purpose than many people believed so far.

The theories that the Area 51 was a ... place which was working on communication with other planets, with spaceships' parking and even rooms where doctors made autopsies to aliens, do not seem to affect the published documents. However, they showed that Area 51 was just a test site for the identification of U-2 aircrafts, which were acting during the Cold War, by spying on countries including the Soviet Union.

The disclosure of the documents came in response to a request which submitted by Jeffrey T. Richelson, the senior partner of National Files Security of the USA in 2005 and will perhaps stop for a moment the wrong theories, but some people would find it difficult to abandon them forever so easily...

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