LG unveils the first 5.5 inch Quad HD display with 538 ppi!

LG Display announced yesterday a new 5.5 inch quad HD display that offers an awesome pixel per inch indicator, reaching up to 538 ppi, higher than any other display on the market these days and 70 ppi more than the display of HTC One.


According to LG Display this new display is impressive and offer excellent viewing angles, since it has 4 times the number of the pixels we find in an HD display! Its colors are more vivid, and users will surely notice a huge improvement in its contrast. This means that the users of the smartphones that will be using this display will be surfing the net just as if they had their PC display in front of them! Don't forget that today all full HD panels allow users to see 3.4 of a webpage made for PC's. With LG's new quad HD display they will be able to see the full web page!


In addition the panel is one of the thinnest in the world, (only 1.21 mm thick) and 12% thinner than the one LG used in LG G2 (at 5.2 inche3s). The panels luminosity also reaches 430 nits, but we have still no official info on when this new panel will be available for mass production.

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